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Private and Group Online Spanish Classes for Kids, Teenagers and Adults

Private and group online lessons never got any better. Enjoy all the conveniences and learn from the best qualified teachers at Hispania Academy. You can learn anytime, anywhere. It is the best way to learn Spanish.

Online classes allow a more direct interaction between you and the teacher. We can teach you what you want, whenever you want. These classes are perfect for flexible schedules and syllabus.

Our lessons are held by native, highly qualified and experienced Spanish tutors. We use the best materials to provide tailor-made lessons for every kind of student.

Spanish Group Pack for Adults
Mixed age Spanish lessons

Our teachers will help you learn Spanish through our virtual classroom courses, with the latest communicative teaching methods from the comfort and convenience of your own home. And it is fun! All you need is an Internet connection and a computer or mobile phone.

Our virtual classroom courses follow the same teaching method and academic program as in-person classes, covering all aspects of Spanish language learning: speaking, reading, writing, and listening.

Online Private Classes

(50 minutes each)

Spanish for Kids

Spanish lessons for kids

Spanish online classes focused on kids from 5 to 10 years old, our teachers will adapt their classes for every child to make every student learn fast and easy.

Our Spanish Classes for Kids are based in 3 courses:

Intensive one-to-one Course for Kids
15 classes (750 minutes in total)

Semi-Intensive one-to-one Course for Kids
10 classes (500 minutes in total)

Practical one-to-one Course for Kids
5 classes (250 minutes in total)

Group Classes

(50 minutes each lesson)

Spanish Group for Adults

Spanish lessons for adults

To speak Spanish fluently you just need to start speaking!

It is important to know how to write, improve listening, comprehension and also reading, but you can’t never have a conversation without speaking, that’s why we offer our Spanish Groups Classes.

Adults will have the opportunity to practice speaking Spanish every week in the Spanish conversation room for growns-up. This is the perfect space to speak Spanish in a safe and optimal way, while meeting other people from other parts of the world.

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