Spanish for Adults

Spanish online lessons focused on adults over 19 years old, they will learn fast and easy!

Adults love our classes

Spanish online lessons focused on adults over 19 years old, our teachers will adapt the Online Spanish lessons for every adult to make them put aside the work and stress of a rutinary day and just enjoy with the Spanish online lessons and make every student learn fast and easy.

Spanish classes for adults are both individual and in groups. In these classes we apply the 4 elements: Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing. The individual classes have been created for you to learn Spanish according to your level, whether you are interested in general Spanish, or taking a DELE exam, an IB exam, even if you want to prepare Spanish for business! Choose and we prepare you, you will see great progress in a short time.

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Spanish Courses for Adults

Intensive one-to-one Course for Adults

15 lessons

Is improving your Spanish a top priority for you? Want to maximize your learning in a short period of time (maybe, say, for a DELE exam you have coming up)? If you are able to commit to 15 private Spanish classes, you will thank yourself later when you enjoy the ability to put your Spanish to use in your personal and professional life back home.

When you immerse yourself in Spanish for several hours each day, you will begin to live in Spanish, not just study it. Take advantage of the time you have to learn as much Spanish as possible with an experienced teacher at your side, guiding you all the way to the top.

Semi-Intensive one-to-one Course for Adults

10 lessons

Want to help yourself stay motivated to speak Spanish every day? You’ll be surprised at how quickly you advance with 10 private Spanish classes.

Each class is individually tailored to fit you like a glove, building up your strengths and polishing the areas where you need the most help. You can concentrate on the topics and skills you need to reach your learning goals.

Practical one-to-one Course for Adults

5 lessons

Already have a busy schedule during your time abroad? Maybe you have a lot going on with an internship or job responsibilities, or perhaps you want to dedicate most of your time to exploring your destination.

No problem! Taking even as little as 5 private Spanish classes will have a huge impact on your experience in a Spanish-speaking country. Understanding more of the language will allow you to enjoy all the other aspects of your trip on a deeper level.

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Maria Casas

Who we are

Hispania Academy is a Spanish online school born from the entrepreneurial spirit of Maria Casas.

With international Spanish teaching experience in many different countries, academies, schools and universities, our main goal is helping students all around the globe becoming fluent in the Spanish language.

6 reasons to choose
our Spanish classes for adults

Based on what our customers tell us, here are the main reasons why
they prefer Hispania Academy to learn speaking Spanish.

Qualified Teachers

Learn Spanish with professional teachers. Our teachers have more than 4 years of teaching experience.


Studying Spanish online makes it possible for you to learn from anywhere in the world and will allow every teenager to have the classes with the best energy!

DELE & Exams Prep

Our DELE and exams preparations are highly accurate and focus on get the best marks on it.

Personalized Lessons

Our classes are adapted to every adult based on our Spanish learning methodology which will make learn Spanish fast.

Official Certificates

Every adult can obtain a certificate from Hispania Academy with the total hours of the course chosen.

Bring Someone

Bring someone with you! In the individual lessons you can now bring family or friends you and you will get a good discount!

Opinions of those who have trust us

Ira Bakhtadze
Ira Bakhtadze
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It was a great experience. It's easier for me to talk. Isabel Gonzalez, my teacher is the greatest! I will definitely continue studying with you. Desde Georgia 💕
Silvia Abdallah
Silvia Abdallah
Read More
I had Spanish classes with Ms Carla online for one and a half months. Ms Carla has a professional approach, she is flexible and very communicative. I like, she supplemented her classes by introducing and working with interactive resources. These now help me maintain the level of my Spanish even though I don't have classes.
Lina Ben
Lina Ben
Read More
Miss Maria is the best teacher I have ever met. She taught me so much and treated me like her daughter. Best teacher ever!

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