About us

Our goal is to guarantee your successful progress towards becoming a confident Spanish speaker

Aprender un idioma es tener una ventana más desde la que observar el mundo"

Who we are

Hispania Academy is a Spanish online school born from the entrepreneurial spirit of Maria Casas.

With international Spanish teaching experience in many different countries, academies, schools and universities, our main goal is helping students all around the globe becoming fluent in the Spanish language.

We always encourage our students to improve their Spanish in the best way, having fun including the following learning skills:

Adult Learning Spanish
Kids Learning

What we do

Our propose is to help students with the Spanish language with the follow:

-Language: Students will be able to read, write and use the Spanish language to communicate information effectively.

-Collaboration: Students work effectively with others.

-Interaction: Students can exchange thoughts and information.

-Creative Thinking: Students can use new ideas and perspectives.

-Media Literacy: Students can interact with media to create ideas.

Meet our founder

Maria Casas
Maria Casas
Founder & Head Teacher

Conversation Groups

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