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Our goal is to guarantee your successful progress towards becoming a confident Spanish speaker

Hello, I'm María Yamila Casas

My name is Maria Casas, I’m head teacher and founder of Hispania Academy.

At our Spanish Academy, we have been teaching Spanish since 2021. During this time gathering feedback, knowledge and experience from our students, we have developed our own Spanish teaching method, leading to a unique system to learn Spanish : 4 Keys Learning System.

Please let me introduce you this proven system and methodology for learning Spanish.

Welcome to Hispania Academy Conferences - Your Gateway to Spanish Language Excellence!

Who we are

At Hispania, we take pride in offering exceptional Spanish language education for students of all ages in the UAE.

Our dedicated team brings the joy of learning Spanish to kids, teenagers, and adults through our comprehensive and engaging Extra-Curricular Program (ECP) conducted after school hours.

Spanish classes in The United Arab Emirates

Our Spanish Programs

Kids Program

Spanish classes for Kids in The United Arab Emirates

Tailored to make language learning a delightful experience, our Spanish for Kids Program introduces the basics of Spanish through interactive activities, games, and cultural exploration.

Why Choose us?

Based on what our customers tell us, here are the main reasons why people
prefer Hispania Academy to learn Spanish.

Expert Instructors

Our team of experienced and passionate instructors are dedicated to making the language learning journey enjoyable and effective.

After-School Convenience

We understand the demands of school schedules. That's why we offer our programs after school hours, providing a convenient opportunity for students to explore the richness of the Spanish language without conflicting with their academic commitments.

Spanish ECP in UAE

We provide Spanish ECP in different schools in UAE as Raha International School Gardens, Abu Dhabi, bringing the world of Spanish education to the doorstep.

Enroll Today!

Unlock the door to a world of linguistic and cultural exploration with Hispania Academy. Whether you’re a parent looking to enrich your child’s education or an individual eager to embrace a new language, our Spanish lessons are tailored for you.

Explore our programs and join us on a journey to language excellence!

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